Outdoor Safety Tips

  • Power tools should be suitable for outdoor use when selected. They should be double insulated or have three-way grounded plugs. Keep power tool cords where they can’t be cut.
  • Kites and balloons are fun to play with but if they contact power lines they can cause shock or fire, so keep them away from overhead power lines. Keep metallic balloons indoors.
  • Trees safety around power lines is critical. Contact BCEC before trimming trees near any overhead power lines. Don’t let children climb in trees near power lines.
  • Call before you dig. If you hit an underground power line you could be fatally injured. Before digging or moving dirt in any way call for us to locate any underground lines.
  • Stay in your vehicle for rescuers if you have made contact with a power pole. If you must leave due to hazards, jump clear of fallen lines. Don’t touch your vehicle and the ground at the same time, land with feet together and shuffle a safe distance away.
  • Lightning can be very dangerous if you are caught in a storm. Avoid trees and bodies of water. Find shelter in a vehicle or building.
  • Pad-mounted transformers are used in underground applications. Never pry open or dig near one. If you find one unlocked, keep away and call BCEC immediately.
  • GFCIs cut power in time to prevent serious shock. GFCIs protection is required for outdoor areas, crawl spaces and garages. Portable GFCIs are also available. Always follow the National Electric Code when wiring your home and buildings.
  • High-voltage towers and poles carry very high voltage. Never touch or climb on these.
  • Fallen power lines are very dangerous. Never touch or assume a line is not hot even if it is not sparking. Stay far away and call BCEC immediately.
  • Substations have very high voltage inside the fences. Do not touch or climb on the fence. Never try to retrieve a ball or toy if it goes inside the fenced area. Call BCEC and we will retrieve you ball or toy.



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